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Ricks Process
How Rick makes his art

Once Rick determines that his envisioned vessel works out mathematically on paper; Rick spends fifteen to twenty hours milling the rough lumber to approximate desired thickness, cutting the boards to desired width, segmenting, and assembling the rings. If the ring matches his layout, Rick proceeds by gluing the ring together. It is now that the rings are sanded and stacked. He continues by gluing the rough bowl bottom to the rings and ends up with a vessel in similar shape to the final product. The subsequent step is very delicate, and any minor mistake will result in the entire project being ruined. After working twenty to twenty five hours Robinson risks all and begins turning the vessel. If he doesn’t uncover any fatal flaws such as open joints, misaligned pieces, or unseen natural material defects; he spends a couple more hours sanding the vessel smooth. To remove any saw dust and foreign materials Robinson uses extra fine 0000 steel wool. The final steps include applying and flooding the vessel with clean clear Danish oil. Rick’s artistic masterpiece is now completed.